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To ensure that you are well rested after your long haul flight, your first two nights will be spent at our luxury resort camp in the White Desert.

Once your safari adventure begins, you will spend each night ‘glamping’ in comfortable Swiss tents which will be set up by our teams in carefully chosen locations prior to your arrival each day, along with two nights in heritage/resort properties..

In the evenings, you will enjoy cookouts and bonfire camps accompanied by local folk music and dance, along with some special evening events such as ‘Stargazing Night’. Of course, for those who crave solitude, you are always welcome to just rest and relax in the comfort of your tent or sit under the beautiful night sky and enjoy the silence of the wilderness.

One highlight of our camps has been the food. During the safaris, you are accompanied by chefs from Rajasthan who will cook the most delicious, hearty dishes to keep you fueled throughout the day. Our team will ensure that the chefs reach well in time at the campsite before your arrival at each location. If you have any special dietary restrictions (allergies, vegan, gluten-free etc) please let us know and we will accommodate your needs.

You may have heard that Gujarat is one of India’s ‘dry’ states, prohibiting sale of alcohol to local residents.

Rest assured this restriction does not apply to visitors and you can freely enjoy beer/wine/spirits during your stay.

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This was my first time traveling to Gujarat India. I'd read that it's like the wild west, a region of environmental extremes. These kinds of places have always attracted me provided it was safe and the accommodations comfortable. My stay at the Kutch Classic Riding Camp provided me with many incredible experiences. A friendly staff member lead me to my elegant tent which had everything thing I needed, even a fan. The camp has a stable of handsome Marwari horses, one more stunning than the other. It was hard to choose which one I wanted to ride. I got to cantor across the white desert, encountered wild camels, experienced the country side intimately like you can only do on horse back. I rode into small villages where I was greeted with curiosity and delight. I'm a photographer whose passion is to capture/document the culture and tribal traditions. The organization of the tour and the accommodations were excellent and the meals, tasty. I look forward to my next adventure with the Kutch Rider Camp.

Joan L. Miller, Miami, Florida USA