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Our horse riding safari trip gives you the opportunity to go riding across a range of different terrains, taking you through areas without roads, fences or cars so you can really immerse yourself in the beauty of unspoiled nature as you ride.

Most of our horse safari routes begin in the salt desert of the Rann. The Great Rann of Kutch is one of the largest salt deserts in the world and provides an epic backdrop to begin your horseback riding experience in India. From there we move across the Banni grasslands, where there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting. Riding through the terrain on a horse safari, instead of traveling by jeep, really allows you to to be part of the natural world and gives you a much better chance of seeing the local wildlife. As we approach Lakphat we ride through sandy desert terrain, eventually riding to the coast where we meet the Arabian sea. The horse safari then moves south, where the landscape becomes more tropical, riding our horse’s past palm trees and mango groves as we head towards Mandvi beach.

Horseback riding on the beach is a fantastic way to finish your horse safari adventure. The cooling waves are a real treat for both horses and riders; a beautiful and memorable way to spend your last few hours on horseback in India.

The horse safari riding day is 4-6 hours long, so our guests should be reasonably fit and experienced riders. The horse safari rides at a varied pace, with reasonable amounts of walking but also plenty of opportunities to pick up the pace for an exciting gallop here and there.

The welfare of our horses is of the utmost importance to us, so we make sure they have plenty of opportunities to rest and are well fed and watered throughout. One of our safari support vehicles carries a large tank of water so the horses are never thirsty, even in the desert. We keep 15-30 horses so we can rotate the riding horses and give them rest days during longer safari rides.

We also use high-quality saddles and equipment to keep you and your horse comfortable throughout the riding days.


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This was my first time traveling to Gujarat India. I'd read that it's like the wild west, a region of environmental extremes. These kinds of places have always attracted me provided it was safe and the accommodations comfortable. My stay at the Kutch Classic Riding Camp provided me with many incredible experiences. A friendly staff member lead me to my elegant tent which had everything thing I needed, even a fan. The camp has a stable of handsome Marwari horses, one more stunning than the other. It was hard to choose which one I wanted to ride. I got to cantor across the white desert, encountered wild camels, experienced the country side intimately like you can only do on horse back. I rode into small villages where I was greeted with curiosity and delight. I'm a photographer whose passion is to capture/document the culture and tribal traditions. The organization of the tour and the accommodations were excellent and the meals, tasty. I look forward to my next adventure with the Kutch Rider Camp.

Joan L. Miller, Miami, Florida USA